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Principal’s Message

Welcome to Campbellfield Heights Primary School. My name is Jo Howard and I am delighted and privileged to be the Principal of this amazing school.

My Vision for Campbellfield Heights P.S – In five years time this is what you will see!

-children learning through authentic meaningful tasks that cater for diversity.
-an engaged community and a buzzing community hub.
-passionate teachers working collaboratively, continually learning, researching and using data to plan for students learning.
-teachers ensuring that learning intentions are explicit and both teachers and students using feedback to understand where they are and what they need to do to get to the next stage of learning.
-staff, parents and children having pride in the school while living the values.  The whole community will be connected and respect one an other.
-the community will feel happy, safe, secure and supported.
-most important of all you will see students who are literate, numerate and curious who are confident in using learning technologies.

The community engaged in school life. A BUZZING Community HUB.

•Community activities held regularly
•Family Twilight Sports, Maths, technology/science nights.
•Art Shows and Concerts
•Book and Numeracy weeks
•Walk and Ride to school days + Breakfast

Community Hub
-English Parent Classes
-Family Cooking Program
-TAFE courses for parents
-Parent/student homework and ICT clubs

Passionate teachers collaborating, continually seeking professional development researching, using data to plan for students learning.

•Teams planning weekly together with and support by the Learning Leader.
•Professional Learning Community groups researching, trialling and being given Feedback
•Staff reading regularly and discussing ‘Professional Readings’
•Staff doing Peer Observation/feedback on a regular basis
•Staff moderating student work and discuss achievements and future goals
•Assessment schedule being followed so as regular assessment drives teaching
•Staff continuing their studies – e.g. Bastow, Masters, Teacher Professional Leave, EAL Leaders course
•Whole school and groups continuing with professional learning
•School Data unpacked and understood by all stakeholders: Attitude to School Survey, Parent Survey, Staff Survey, Online English, Maths Interview, NAPLAN, Ondemand Testing grade Pre and Post Testing


Teachers ensuring that learning intentions are explicit and both teachers and students using feedback to understand where they are and what they need to do to get to the next stage.

Staff, Parents and Children having pride in the school while living the values.    I will lead by example and show the values:

Respect, Responsible, Safety, Success


All community members feel happy, safe, secure and supported.

– Liaising regularly with the Welfare Officer and Community Hub Worker as well as all Staff in relation to student engagement and student behaviour.
-Seeking assistance from School Support Staff services eg. Psychologists, Speech Therapists, Counsellors etc.
-Involving parents in discussion about students progress.
-Referring students to support agencies outside school.
-Involving students in the decision making process.
-Student developing a code of conduct, mission, vision and values along with consequences for their actions.
-Providing an all year transition program for future prep students.
-Reward and celebrate appropriate behaviours and academic excellence
-Having a buddy program for Prep children and new arrivals to the school.
-Providing opportunities for students to participate in various clubs e.g.. ICT, Library and Environmental Club.

Students who are literate, numerate and curious and using the most up to date eLearning.

•Having high expectations (staff and students)
•Providing quality teaching
•Resourcing programs (human and financial)
•Planning from data
•Having explicit learning intentions
•Giving quality feedback
•Leading leaders who are passionate about seeing students grow into well rounded citizens.
•Continually evaluating results and researching ways to improve learning outcomes

I will achieve the vision by:

-Articulating the vision at every opportunity.  Repeat the school narrative at every opportunity.
-Managing the resources (both human and financial) effectively and in line with the vision and the strategic plan
-Providing opportunities for staff to improve their teaching capacity
-Support teacher learning thorough the Performance Review Process
-Ensuring that the school’s values are ingrained in all we do and say.
-Lead by example
-Walk the talk
-Showing my passion in all I do and say
-Insisting on an orderly environment where staff and students feel safe and supported and know what is expected of them.
-Engaging the school community at every opportunity
-Parents as Partners.
-Building strong relationships with Staff, Parents, Students and the wider community.
-Inspiring and encouraging others to lead

Jo Howard

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